PEO and Employee Leasing Idaho Falls ID

When you are considering leasing employees instead of hiring formal employees, you should take many things into consideration before doing it. If you want to know what the considertations are, you should keep on reading.

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PEO and Employee Leasing

Steps to Successful Employee Leasing

If you are considering leasing employees , make sure you take these steps along the way to be certain that leasing is the right option for you.

  • Set goals. Figure out what your organization wants to accomplish through employee leasing. Write down these goals in order of importance.
  • Seek legal counsel. Legal advice is crucial for determining the implications of the leasing arrangement on your legal liability. You need to know how much control you must give up to attain a certain degree of protection from liability and decide whether you are willing to give up this control before entering the leasing arrangement.
  • Establish qualifications. Discuss your needs and obtain proposals from several leasing firms. It's also good practice to examine the background of each leasing firm and talk to the current and former clients of each firm about their experiences with the leasing arrangement.
  • Determine charges and services. Get bids from several companies. Each leasing firm's proposal should outline the specific services to be provided, the time frame for these services, and all deposits, charges, and methods of payment. Startup costs and commitments should also be detailed. You need to know how much time the account representative will spend on site to become familiar with operations and if there will be a special charge for this. In addition, find out whether new job descriptions will be necessary and who will prepare them. Finally, find out the details of the leasing firm's employee benefits package. All of these items should be embodied in the contract that you sign with the leasing agency.
  • Specify the level of supervision. Examine the number of field supervisors available relative to the number of leased workers on the company payroll. This ratio can vary substantially from one leasing firm to another. Specify the frequency that the field supervisor will visit your site in the leasing agreement — and make sure it is clear who the employees call if they have a grievance.
  • Develop a rapport with the field supervisor, if there is one. This relationship is a sensitive one because of the "turf" issue. Be sure a rapport is established before a leasing agreement is signed. Have the leasing firm agree not to replace the field supervisor without your company's approval.
  • Specify insurance coverage. A wide variety of insurance is provided by leasing companies, including employee bonding, workers' compensation, general liability, profession...

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